Sunday, December 31, 2006

Summing Up 2006

2006 is a big year. It is also my favorite year so far. Google bought YouTube among other things. I decided to create a list of my favorite posts of 2006. Here we go:

Favorite Posts of 2006:

January - New Year
April - April Fools Day
April - At The Hotel & My Birthday
June - School's Out
July - Introduction: Things I Found On Google
August - Monitor Chain
August - What would you do?
August - Blogger Beta
August - Buttons
August - State What?
September - Reading
September - Tech Classes
September - 100th Post
November - Halloween Photos


I started Things I Found On Google, where I feature sites I found on my favorite site, Google.
I posted 82 times this year if you include this post, and 112 overall.
I switched Jake's View to Blogger Beta. (Not a landmark, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.)
I posted my 100th post.
I had my 1 year anniversary on May 21.

Most Commented Posts:

Reading - 5 comments
Earth Day (almost) - 5 comments

Hope you have a happy 2007!


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