Sunday, November 26, 2006

Halloween Photos


Like I said, here are some photos of my previous Halloween costumes that my dad and I made, currently hanging in my room. Note: All costumes are first planned by drawing dimensions and sizing.

2006: Google Homepage

For this costume, we first printed out the Google homepage and got it enlarged at Staples. Next, we used two slabs of Plexiglass to sandwich the enlarged copy of the Google homepage, with halloween as the search term. We then built a frame (monitor) to house the Google homepage. Finally, we added a strap to go around my neck.

2005: iPod

For this costume, we first made the screen for the iPod on my Windows and Mac computers. We then printed it out and glued it onto a piece of construction board. Next, we made the frame for the screen and put shiny silver paper on all sides (except for the bottom). We made the scroll wheel and earbuds and drilled a hole on the top for lightsticks. Finally, we put a strap on.

2004: Cell Phone

For this costume, we first cut out four rounded pieces for the cell phone. We used Styrofoam to keep the pieces together. We then cut holes for the buttons and put the buttons on. Finally, we put the silver sides on, taped it together, and put holes in for the lightsticks.

2003: Powerbook G4

For this costume, we first glued a skinned keyboard onto a piece of cardboard and covered the cardboard with a gray plastic sheet. Next, we took a screen capture of a Dock, glued it onto cardboard, and glued it onto the costume. Next, we glued sandpaper onto the costume for the mousepad. Next, we took a blue plastic sheet, drew on it, and glued it onto the costume for the desktop background. Finally, we drew the final features on with permanent marker and put a strap on.


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