Monday, December 31, 2007

Almost the New Year!

It's almost 2008! Just 6 more minutes here. Can't wait!
In 2008, I will try to post at least once per day, but not on weekends.
Only 4 more minutes now!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Unclear Design


Another product making money off the Google brand.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I'm currently posting from a tech camp, where I'm learning Scheme (which I do during the school year), doing logic puzzles, and building electronic stuff. The week before, I did another tech camp, where I learned Flash Animation. Before that, I did the free camps that Apple offers. I know everything they teach, but I do them because I get free stuff and get to hang out with the people who work at Apple. I'll post more later.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter!

I'm currently at a Barnes & Noble, waiting for the final Harry Potter book to come out at 12:01. I'm posting this from directly outside of the store, where my dad is napping. I've got a lot of photos that I'll post later. In case you're wondering, I'm posting this from my new iPhone! I came at 10:00 am to get a wristband and a ticket. So far, I have a lot of free stuff. Later!


I got my iPhone a couple days ago! It is so cool! I got the 8 gb version. I'll post more about it later, but I took hundreds of photos (yes, I'm insane) of the unboxing. I also took screenshots of every step of the activation process. Favorite feature? Being able to browse the web while I'm in long lines or car rides. If only AT&T's Edge network was faster and had better coverage. Here's a couple photos of the unboxing:

Saturday, June 23, 2007


It's summer! So far, I've taken swimming lessons and went to a horrible camp that I'll post about later. Today, we're about to go on a trip to Italy! I'll post if I can when we get to the airport. I'll also post about the last day of school.

In other news, the iPhone's coming out on the 29th! I'm going to get the 8 GB model when we get back from our trip to Italy, because we're going to be there on the 29th. I also can't wait for when Leopard comes out in October. I was reading a live-blog of the WWDC keynote a while ago and there are some really cool features that will be in Leopard.

Anyways, I'll post at the airport if I can. It's going to be an overnight flight!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Google and Apple!


A month ago, while we were in California, I went to Google and Apple! I drove by Google and took photos (and 2 rocks, a twig, and 5 dead flowers), and afterwards went to the Apple Company Store and took photos of the Apple headquarters. It was the best day of my life!
The rocks, twig, and flowers are part of my little Google shrine in my room.

Here are some photos from Google:

A Google sign.

Another sign.

Another sign!

Getting closer to the buildings...

The exterior of one of the Googleplex's buildings.

Another of the Googleplex's many buildings.

Apparently, Google is installing solar panels!

A sign for the visitor lobby.

Another shot of the Googleplex's buildings.

You can see a security guard under an umbrella on the right.

A shot of another one of the Googleplex's buildings as we were driving away.

When I went to the Apple Company Store, I got:
  • A black t-shirt with the silver text "I visited the Mothership." on the front, and the Apple logo in white on the back.
  • A black t-shirt with the Apple logo in white on the front, and the text "" in white on the back.
  • A light silver/gray t-shirt with the Apple logo in white on the front, and the text "" in white on the back.
  • A pale gray t-shirt with a small gray Apple logo on the front, and nothing on the back.
  • A white t-shirt with the Apple logo in gray on the front, and the text "" in gray on the back.
  • A black hat with the Apple logo in silver on it.
  • A silver notepad (with pen) with the Apple logo on the front.
  • A pen set, with a pen, pencil, and another pen.
  • A white click pen with the Apple logo in gray on the front.
  • A red click pen with the Apple logo in white on the front.
  • A blue click pen with the Apple logo in white on the front.
Here are some photos of Apple I took with my NEW (more details later) camera!

A shot of Apple's exterior.

Inside the Apple Company Store.

Over here there was mainly cups/mugs and pens.

A shot of another corner of the store, with the Apple TV demo and a iPod commercial playing.

A shot of a software display. Behind here was a row of computers and more software.

The entrance to Apple's headquarters.

Here's the sign for the Apple Company Store.

Here's their funny men's room sign.

And here's the women's room sign.

Last but not least, the Apple Campus sign.

I'll post more about the rest of our trip around California later if I have enough time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blogging from School

I'm currently blogging this from my school's wireless network. I brought it in for a project we're doing, but I had to order the correct software.

Watch the latest videos on