Sunday, April 30, 2006

At the hotel & My birthday

Hello everyone. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was busy at the mall. Our hotel is connected to a mall. The flight here was sorta good. We flew a AA puddle jumper. We had to wait at our airport for an hour after the plane was supposed to leave. When we got here, we rented a Avis car. I set up Avis Assist for my family. By that time, we were all about to die. After we regained our strength and ability to move our legs, we went over to the mall. I got iLife 06' at the Apple store. I paid for it with my Apple gift card from my birthday. My mom owes me 21 dollars. $20 because I got a family pack, and $1 for tax. After that, we went to the pool. My sister kept swimming into my lane while I was doing backstroke. Then, we had dinner. When dinner was done, we went to Auntie Anne's for my treat. The *bleep* pretzel was burnt and had no salt. I threw it out. My little sister spent all of her money on Hello Kitty and hair stuff at Claire's.

Also, my birthday was a couple days ago! I got:

- Software
- Electric guitar & Amp
- Chocolate
- A clay pot
- Apple Gift Card
- Wallet
- Target Gift Card
- Money
- Magnetic Board
- Phone / PDA

I may have forgot something, but I'll post it if I forget later.

That's All For Now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a lucky Birthday Boy!

Your Singing Teacher

May 06, 2006 1:19 PM  

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