Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Trip and the MATs

Hey everyone. The MATs are this week. There's only one part left. I'm one of the first people done, so I have to bring a lot of books to read. You can't get up to go to the bathroom, get a book, get a drink, or even get tissues. My family and I are also going on a trip to go to a demonstration. My dad wanted to drive, but everyone else (especially me) wanted to fly. Also, I went around to some of the shops in my neighborhood to ask if they would like an ad in the newspaper I'm making. I got 6 ads, and 24 dollars. Also, the anniversary of Jake's View is on May 21. The celebration is called A Year Of Views. I'll do something special for it. I won't tell what it is until May 20.

That's all for now!


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