Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Myrtle Beach

Hey everyone. I'm going to Myrtle Beach for my birthday. My birthday is also on a special day. Also, did anyone see the Kids Choice Awards a couple nights ago? I recorded it on DVR. It was pretty good. I can't believe that Spongebob won again for favorite cartoon. I was voting for The Simpsons. Has anyone gone onto the message board yet? From my admin account, I can see that no one else signed up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jake, we get a "URL not on this server" when we try to reach the message board. Could you doublecheck the address you gave?

April 08, 2006 7:59 AM  
Anonymous Teacher said...

Hi Jake

I loved reading your entries, some I recognized as you'd written about them at school.

I know you are excited about going to Myrtle Beach for your birthday. There is a great mini golf place there, with a castle and a flame-spurting dragon! I know you'll tell me about it when you get back.

Won't be long till your new cousin is born too.

See you next week.


April 09, 2006 10:57 AM  

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