Thursday, November 17, 2005


Hi. Sorry I have not been posting in a while. I've been busy with making the switch between houses. Right now I'm in a hotel that we're staying at until the movers finish packing up. The great news is that we bought the house!!! I'll post more about the new house later today, but right now I'm busy. Another thing I've been doing is collecting. I collect stamps, bottle caps, computer icons, and a secret one. If you want me to tell you the secret one, send me a comment. I already have 259 computer icons. I'm also creating games with Stagecast Creator. Right now I'm creating a car game.

At school, we're working on hikus and lunes in writing. We wrote them on the computer. I was the first one done, so I went back and forth between helping the kids and helping the teachers. Today we went to Chuck E. Cheese. The only part I like is the prizes. I had 312 tickets. I got 4 Smarties, 2 rulers, and 2 pens. Then we went to borders. I got a book on Photoshop Elements 4. After all of that, we went to our new house to see our paint job. Me and my little sister have yellow rooms.

That's All For Now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I'll bite....what's your secret collection?

November 22, 2005 11:14 PM  

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