Sunday, August 07, 2005


Hi. Yesterday when my little sister, me, and our babysitters went to the pool. I hated it because it was saltwater and was 3 and a half foot deep. I liked it because they had speakers on the stairs and were playing palm music. So if you put your ears underwater you can hear it. Yesterday we also went to my Dad's grandparents house. The way there I played music on my computer. When we got there I saw Grandpa Don, Grandma Linda, my Dad's sisters Michelle and Tiphanie, and my cousins Trey, Tabitha, and Bridgette. They gave me a tour of the house. When we went to their garden we found a salamander. We trapped it in a jar and let it free. The weird thing was that the tail came off and it was still moving!

It was now time to go to Legoland, so we went into our cars. I got a pass for 24 dollars off from the Avis travel rack. When we got there grandpa Don paid for our car parking. We decided not to sign up for a membership. The best membership costs 1,000 dollars per person! First we went to the pizza palace. I didn't eat. Next we went to see the Lego buildings on the way to the driver's school. Mostly I looked at Washington D.C. because I went there. You could press buttons in front of the capitol to make little Lego people go around in circles and played music. I also looked at the tall buildings in the Chicago part. It took more than 2,985 hours to build that part! Next we walked across the bridge. And no it wasn't made out of Legos. They had buttons that made geysers blow in the lake. Now we were at the driving school for 7 - 13 year olds. My sister did the little one. Me, Tabitha, and Trey did the big one. When you went through the 30 minute line they were playing a "safety" video. It told you mostly about Lego and Volvo. I asked them why they were advertising Volvo. It was because they were "partners". They gave us a slip saying: You're Next. Do Not Fold! We got in the cars. They were lego shaped with only a steering wheel, acceleration pedal, and brake. They were real so I could have died. They were real streets! I had Red #47. Sometimes they came over and helped kids. Not me. When it was done, we went over and they gave us a pass that we could get our license. My Dad said I drove like my mother. Ewww! I went over and got my picture taken. I chose to have a license that was Red Blue and Yellow. I also got a holder. It cost 6 dollars total. My sister was feeling bad so we had to leave. While we left wer got Dippin' Dots ice cream. I got Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I also got 2 lego airplane packs and 2 erasers.
When we got to the hotel I built the packs.

Here's the moral, buy Volvo.

Today we're going to have brunch with my Dad's famliy.

Well, Bye For Now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I used to know your Mother and she's a good, fast driver! Sounds like you're having fun...tell us more.

August 07, 2005 1:48 PM  

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