Saturday, June 25, 2005

Big Day At D.C.

Hi. Yesterday we went to a lot of stuff. First we went to the new WWII Memorial. We took a cab. The fountains were really cool. Then we walked down by the reflecting pool, stooping and taking breaks in the 84 degree weather down to the Korea War Memorial. To be frank, it was kinda boring. Then we stopped for food. Then we turned left and went to the Lincon Memorial. We got a lot of pictures. Then we walked around the Vietnam Memorial. We walked out next to the street and waited for a cab. We took a cab over to the Air and Space Museum. We looked at the 2nd level. It was kinda boring. Then we went inside SkyLab. It was really disappointing. They only showed you 1 or 2 things. It was 30 seconds long! We took a rest and ate. Then we went and got some souvenirs. We walked to the Museum Of Modern Art. There was only a few pieces of art. After we looked around, we went to the large cafe. I had a banana. Dad had Gelato. We looked at the waterfall and went upstairs. We looked at our map to find how to get to the nearest Metro. We walked outside to the Metro in 86 degree weather. We took the Metro to Union Station to look at the Postal Museum. When we got there we got water and a Harry Potter book. Then we walked over to the Postal Museum. I sent a postcard to home and I got some stamps. Then we caught the Metro to Foggy Bottom - GWU (which is our nearest Metro stop) and went in our hotel. 30 minutes later we went down to the pool. The exact moment we both opened our eyes underwater, the were burning like *&%$ from the clohrine, so we got out. We told them to take the charge off our bill. This really is the worst hotel ever. A few hours later after we finished washing out our eyes, we took a walk around Georgetown and went to a restaurant. The lemonade was really sour. Then we went back to the hotel and went to bed. Today we had breakfast outside. We are now back in our rooms. Tonight we are going to see Jerry Seinfield at The Kennedy Center. Bye for now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jerry Seinfeld is my god..boy are you a lucky kid.

June 26, 2005 11:16 PM  

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