Thursday, May 26, 2005

Parent's Day

When I went to school this morning, I had to draw a cover for my Time Journal, but before that, I had to rewrite my ENTIRE recording of my sand timer. Before all of that, I brought the 36 Magic Rub erasers I ordered for our class tables in. It turned out everybody got their own and wrote their name in permanent marker. I still have about 10 left. 4 are still in my pocket. It took me half of the morning to do the writing. Now I got to draw my cover. I used yellow paper for my cover. Then I went on with Circle Time. Next was Math Workshop. Since the parents were coming in today, we had to practice talking about our timers. The shadow clock group went outside, and the Sand and Water group stayed inside. I was in the Sand group. Our teacher suggested we turn into a panel group asking questions and being in charge of one part of the process we went to. I was in charge of timing. After about 15 minutes, it was time for Snack. The kids sitting next to me were also next to me the Art Table where I sit. Now we had to do Project Work. My partner was a girl who I worked on with a project at the beginning of the year when we were working on building. We split up into 2 groups. Lego Robotics and Magnets. Me and her were both in Lego Robotics. We had to make cars. After 30 minutes, we had a car that worked, but we needed to make it run WITH the motor, not with us pushing it. Next was Reading. First one of my teachers wanted me to take a reading test in the multipurpose room. The book was a 15 page book about Amelia Earhart. When I got back into the room, it was already time for Recess. Me and some of my friends built a new invention on the sliding bar. We used a jump-rope so you could sit our bounce off. This idea came from when I invented the trick to swing to one side and then back using feet and stomach. I also started to hand out Magic Rubs to the other kids in the other classroom. Now we head back in for Lunch. After 30 minutes. We had to get ready for the parents coming. First we divided into tables. Two of my friends were sitting next to me. They were both girls. Then our teachers handed our writing to us. We laid it out. Now we got stools for the parents. Next we got comments and schedule papers for the parents. We also got pens. We moved the caddies. Then they put a tablecloth over the tables to keep it a secret. Now they put our time work on top. Now the parents came in. We showed them our clock work and then went outside to show them our timers. Then we went in. First we read our book. Now they got to read our other stuff. Now... REFRESHMENTS!!! I had 19 pieces of candy! My little sister was here also. Now we got to go home. Well, now I have to go to sleep. Bye!!


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