Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Car Wash

Hi. My mom said I could have unlimited snacks until 2:45 P.M. if I ate a new food. I did. After that me and my dad and my little sister went to the car wash to get my dad's car cleaned. When we did, we got to go inside the building. There was 4 snack machines, a video game booth, a sitting area, an area to watch your car get cleaned, and a shopping area for car accessories along with bathrooms. When we first got in, we got a snack for each of us. After that I went over to the video games. Dad and my little sister played Ms. Pac-Man. They lost after 5 seconds. While they were doing that, I was creating a panel for System preferences on my Mac. After that my dad played Galaga. Now I needed to go to the bathroom. So did my little sister. After we had a big fight, all of us, over a quarter. Now our car was done, so went back in and played Ice Age on the car DVD player. After we got to the grocery store, I got to push the cart. We also had a big fight about riding the cart. Now we all went to the bathroom. When we got out we each got a little 25 cent ball. My sister got a red and yellow ball, and I got a light blue ball. Light blue is my favorite color besides for pink. Now we are home. It turned out my dad forgot again to get a JavaScript book for my Giggle prank. A couple minutes ago, some of my friends a couple houses down for snocones, but they had to go back for dinner. I'm gonna go watch Nick. Bye!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE this blog! More please, more! Please write 23 times a day!

May 24, 2005 8:09 PM  

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