Saturday, May 21, 2005


My name is Jake. I have a little sister we adopted from china 2 years ago in April. My parents are both writers, and we have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I am 8 years old. My little sister is 5. My Mom is 48 and my Dad is 50.

I like Computers and Travel. Right now I'm using my Microsoft desktop computer. I have 3 computers. My little sister has 2 computers. Her Mac desktop computer is right next to me right now. Besides this computer, I have a downstairs Microsoft computer wicih I never use, and a Mac iBook laptop computer, which is now at the apple shop for fixing. The people there know me by heart ever senice I used ResEdit (which lets you tamper with the hard drive). I still like Mac better, but I'm starting to grow on windows ever since I was forced to use it while my other mac is still at the shop. My little sister has 2 macs, 1 desktop, 1 laptop. My Dad has a Powerbook G4 Mac laptop, and my mom has a iBook G4 Mac laptop. My Dad is the only one who has Tiger, the new mac OS (available from My Mom is too worried about her work to install it, and mine is still being fixed, but they are also going to install it. Well, actually, my Dad right this moment found out that it is ready! Yay! Bye for now!


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