Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tiger & Snocones

Today it turned out my apple laptop (which I am using right now) doesn't have iPhoto and Garage band which should be included so we are going to bring it back to the shop. Right now I am sick so I am staying home. After that my dad went up to work and my mom and sister and me all made snocones together. Our choices for syrup were grape and blueberry. Right now I am eating a blueberry snocone. It turned out that the snocones were really big. After I finish this I am going to work on my fake Giggle prank ( my dad thought up the idea, I'm making the code. More details later) and my Jake's Pranks CD (more details later also). Last night I ordered magic rub erasers for my teachers T+K while my dad and me were watching our nightly 3 Simpsons on TV. I go to bed at 8:30 so I have a lot of time just to hang out and chill. Right my mom and little sister are making an apple desert. Yuck! I hate quiche, strawberries, watermelon, and apples most. They kinda make my throat feel weird. But I just love candy and pasta! My big dog Goofy who is a therapy dog and a Labrador, and Pugsly our little pug (or as my dad calls them Horse and Pig) are looking suspicious. My dad even wrote a song about them:

Horse and Pig,
Horse and Pig,
One is ugly,
And the other eats *&%$,
Horse and Pig,
Horse and Pig,
It's the ballot,
Of Horse and Pig.

It's really funny if you sing it in a low voice. My mom and sister just dropped the strawberries and the dogs are eating them. Yay!!!!!! As for the cats, Dick who has diabetes stays outside, and Rabbit stays in my mom's room by the windowsill. My mom and dad found Dick as a stray. My dad loves Rabbit, but hates Dick because he craps on everything. Dick's name speaks for itself. I'm going to see what mom and my sister are doing. Well, bye for now!


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