Saturday, June 04, 2005

School's Out

Hi. School ended yesterday. I feel sad about it. The last day was a half day, so we got to stay until 12 pm. Most of the day we just played around. But we did put together our scrapbook. It had a mounted cover we drew, pictures of our class, a questionare we took about the school year, an autograph page, the scrapbook, pictures we drew, and the back cover. Some people (like me) cut people who they didn't like heads off. Some of the boys and girls (not me) did only girls or only boys. We also got to choose our tables. Me and 3 other boys sat at a table. We made signs with our names on them and taped them to the back of our chairs. Of course we only got to do this in the morning. Soon it was time to go. We had no recess. We also had a "staggered dismissal". After this I got to got to Chuck E Chesse. Half of the games were broken. Then we went home and had a babysitter. We made Cootie Catchers and watched TV. My cootie catcher was about computers. Have you noitced how they make the TV-Y, TV-Y7, and TV-PG TV ratings so large? They are as big as my hand! And how they to the small ones after commercials. Today we went to the bookstore to get DVD's for our car, and JavaScript and HTML books for my Giggle prank. They costed 90 bucks so I have to pay 40 bucks. I also got another Borders wristband for 2 bucks. Now I have 2 Borders ones. Then we went to our friends house down the street to play with their sprinkler. My books got all wet but they dried up. Then we walked up the hill back home. Now I am going to go outside to play. Bye!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great stuff Jake! I really enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to your next posting!

June 09, 2005 7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful blog - If you are going to camp , write about that next.

June 14, 2005 6:59 PM  

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