Saturday, August 06, 2005

Long $%*! Flight!

Hi. The flight was 9 hours! We flew US Air. The seats were so cramped, and they gave us only 1 water. We changed seats now and then. I wore EarPlanes but my ears kept popping and having so much #@!* pressure! I tried to watch Harry Potter on my computer but couldn't because it was scratched. Finally, I worked on the newspaper. It's amazing how much airlines treat you like cattle now. When we got to the airport we went to Avis and went in. But then it turned out we left to bags so Mom went back to the airport. Our babysitter gave us each a quarter to spend on candy in the candy dispensers. When we went to our cars we got in. Our babysitters got a convertible. We got a Pontiac. On the way to our hotel Mom told us the funny story about our bags:

When my Mom got back to retrieve the bags, my Mom discovered three policeman, a K-9 unit, and 2 airport administrators dismantling our 2 forgotten bags. Three laptops were on the floor, and they were carefully scanning the screen of one of them. My Mom apologized profusely, at which point they informed us they'd already summoned the bomb squad. They seemed quite concerned about why a family on vacation would have three laptops. My Mom explained that she and her husband were writers. Then my Mom added (unhelpfully) that her son was a fanatic. This choice of words got them all very excited. Mom quickly added that she meant her son was a COMPUTER fanatic, at which point they finally relaxed.

By this point we were all at the hotel. We went up into our room and went to sleep. The cool thing is that they give all kids a welcome box.

Today we are going to LegoLand! Now we are going to the Pool.

Well, See You Later!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like your Mom was ready to trade you (the computer fanatic) for the bags and computers. She's a pro writer who rarely makes mistakes with words. Good thing you were in San Diego rather than Tijuana. Close call!

August 06, 2005 5:18 PM  

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