Saturday, July 30, 2005


Hey. Sorry I haven't posted in the last month. I've been and are still busy with camps and other stuff.

By the way, check out the new things i've added.

Sorry about the pop-ups I added. Just trying to get some promotions for my other websites. By the way, visit my two other websites, JakeDownloads , and Jake's GIANT Trip.

We are also doing an around the world trip in 2006 and do virtual school. I'll write about camp later. Me and my Mom are working on the newspaper. AGAIN. Last night we went to the market, ice cream shop, movie theater, and bookstore to figure out what people are buying most in the summer for the newspaper.

Well, Bye For Now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Jake's back.

July 31, 2005 12:09 PM  

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