Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dad's Trip / Day 2-3

Hi. Sorry I haven't posted about the rest of the trip but I've been busy and don't have time to remember, but I'll write about it eventually. Yesterday my Dad left to go to his friend Alex's wedding. I'm not writing about Day 4 because all that happened that day was we went on a trolley. Here's Day 2 and 3 of our trip.

Day 2: Brunch

Hi. The day before yesterday, me and my Dad went to the brunch because my little sister was sick and my Mom had to stay home with her. The way there I listened to music on my computer. When I got there Grandpa Don asked me to help him build a playpen for Bridget. It was the same one I have at my house. We set it up next to the brunch table and put alphabet foam tiles along the playpen for the floor and dumped in some toys. Next I went to see Trey's Lego castle that he got at Legoland. It was really cool. Then I went and said Hi to everybody else. Just then Ethel, my great grandmother and Suzy, my great aunt came. I said hi to them. Grandma Linda was already preparing the brunch for us. My Dad was talking with some of my other relatives. I was playing music and creating applications on my computer. After a while I went to go play with Trey and Tabatha. They were playing an online game. I helped them to trash-talk this guy who was trash-talking. Every now and then when Bridget came in and stole my finger, I carried her over to the playpen. This happened about 20 times. Now we had the brunch. I wasn't hungry so I just kept playing on my computer. Then we left. Me and Dad went to the drugstore and then to the hotel.

Day 3: SeaWorld

Hi. The next day we went to SeaWorld. When we parked it took a long time to walk to the opening gate. When we got in we grabbed a stroller and a map and rushed to the Pets Rule! Show. Me, Rachael, Jasmine, my little sister, and my Mom and Dad rushed into some seats that were out of the soak zone and that were in the 2nd row on the right. The show started. First the dogs, cats, and other animals ran out from various places. First one of the dogs ran out from the left and walked on a trigger that let out 3 cats from a fake dog food box. Then the cats jumped into a barrel and birds came out. The birds flew up into a tree causing a trigger to raise a Pets Rule! Flag. Dogs came out and went down a ladder knocking a dog house down opening a trap door that cats came out of, etc., etc. Then the show really started. The trainers came out and explained that this is your pet's ideal world. Then they showed us the "Pet Book Of Rules". I can't remember the rules though. First they did a dog obstacle course. Men vs. Women. Their trainers came out and explained the course. They had to go through some tall flowers, then on a ladder and jump onto a trampoline, then catch a ball that was thrown into a small water area and jump on the float. When it was done the Women won. Then they tried it on a pig. He skipped the flowers and water part. He still was in 3rd. But then the wet part came. He went over to a seemingly fake TNT box and sat on the trigger...


Water squirted everywhere. Even I got a teensy bit wet. Then they showed us what they can do by themselves. I forgot that too. Then they did this routine they do in other Pets Rule shows like the one in Florida I saw where they tell you about how they adopted them from shelters, etc., etc. Then the show ended. We split up and went to see the animals. When we were done we went outside but we took a minute to figure where we are. We decided to go to the penguin exhibit. We got on a walkway and watched the penguins through a glass window in a dark room. We were amazed by how fat their stomachs were. I thought their faces looked like the yin-yang logo. Next I got a penguin hat and we went over to entertain my little sister at Shamu's Happy Harbor. Apparently there are 3 Shamus. One at Florida, one here, and one at another SeaWorld. Shamu's Happy Harbor was a place with climbable nets, water areas, and tiny games. Of course my little sister went over to the water areas. After that we went on the nets. When we got to the top slide, my little sister couldn't go on, so she ran. Luckily, a couple of seconds later we found her. Then me and Rachel took a photo together. Then we adid the punching bags and foam bounce. We saw a pretty beetle. After this we ran over to the dolphin show. There was only a couple of non-soak zone seats left. They did this whole song to warn the people in the soak zone. The tricks were the same as the ones in Florida. Trainers standing on the dolphins backs, dolphins doing flips, etc. etc. The part that I thought was really mean was when they chose a family to come up. They also asked this 3 year old to come up and help. When he did, they asked him to jump in and said that the dolphins would catch him. I thought he would. It was supposed to be a joke, but instead he started to cry. Then they got a photo on the bridge. The father tripped and fell in! When it was done we went to leave. We stopped and got a blue and gold pearls for me! Then I got a lollipop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like agreat trip! You are a wonderful writer. It must be the gene pool that you are from!!! LOL.
Miles Cole and I are at Grandpa and Grandma's and are having fun. we may come see you next week depending on the weather.
See you then....Love, Uncle Stu

August 29, 2005 9:39 AM  

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