Friday, December 08, 2006


Today at school, we were adding up all of the class's calculations for the water survey we did over the weekend. They split us up into little groups and told us to add up our total gallons per category (drinking, bath, shower, toilet, etc.). I was doing all the math. You have the noise of all the other groups on the carpet who are yelling and talking, the noise of 5 people screaming calculations in my ear, and the noise of the teachers telling us what to do. One person's total is 35, someone else's turns out to be 12 instead of 11.375. After 2 minutes this gets louder, until it is almost unbearable. I snap at someone who's telling me to hurry up, and the teacher comes over and tells me that I shouldn't snap at people. Now you have the kid I snapped at pouting. 5 minutes later I'm on the floor with the noise now okay. You have the kid who's pouting saying "Jake snaps at people when people are talking to him calmly, and now he's on the floor and he can stand it.", which is not true. People were screaming in my ear, 5 at a time. 5 minutes later, I'm back at the table doing more calculations.


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Funny, I have a post with the exact same title:

I posted that right before I found your blog (honest :)

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