Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Trip

Hey everyone. Grandparents day was pretty good. First, the grandparents came into the gym to hear both of the classes songs. The song that we sang was the weather song we made when we were studying weather. Then, they went into our class. We showed them around and did a scavenger hunt. My dad's dad and my mom's parents came. My dad's mom had to work. Mother's day was after that. I made a letter and pop-ups at school. One of my teachers posted on this blog to remind me. Also, we're going to D.C. on Friday. I have to miss field day for it. This year, the city shut down the field, so we would have had to do it on the playground. I hope D.C. will be fun. I'll post when I can. We're driving there. 6 hours. Oh, *bleep*.

That's all for now!


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